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A land survey locates, describes, marks and maps the boundaries and corners of a parcel of land. It also may include topographic mapping of the parcel and mapping of buildings or other improvements on the parcel.

Any natural or artificial separation marking the border of adjacent properties. A river is an example of a natural boundary. An artificial separation are those created by the Public Land Survey System, subdivisions or deeds.

Most are created by written documents (such as warranty or quit claim deeds) that contain specific descriptions. Property rights also may be established by unwritten means, such as long-time physical occupation of the land. MMS Consultants will research these factors and how they affect the boundaries of your property.

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Before you purchase it. This will disclose the relationship between the lines of possession and the deeded property lines. A lending institution may require either a Retracement Survey Plat or an ALTA of your property when you borrow money on it. Whenever you believe there may be a conflict of use on your property. Before dividing any parcel of land for sale. The county or city where you live may require a land survey before the construction of any structure or improvement on the property. When you intend to sell any tract of land. When your lawyer, architect, real estate agent or municipal planning or engineering office advises or requires it.

Explain why you want the survey, and the surveyor will then advise you on the standards and type of survey required. Be sure to give the surveyor a description of the property, along with any other information or documents you have regarding the parcel. These would include abstracts of title, title reports, previous survey reports and maps, and the location of any corner markers, or monuments.

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